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Boost your research efforts


Reward participants hassle-free with a personalised touch


Boost retention rates and keep participants engaged for longer


Grow your panel with fresh high-quality respondents

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Effortless Global Rewards

Unlock the world of rewards effortlessly with our seamless global incentives program. Say goodbye to the complexities of redeeming rewards across borders. Our platform simplifies the process, ensuring that whether you’re in New York or London, your rewards are just a click away.

Panel Retention

Bid farewell to customer churn and hello to long-term loyalty. Through panel benefit solutions, personalised experiences and targeted incentives, we help you keep your participants coming back for more.

Panel Recruitment

Boost your research with our panel recruitment services. Expand your panel with fresh research participants using our referral programs and panel registration services.


To Reward

  • eGift Card Catalogue
  • (Branded) Choice Card
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Micro-Incentives
  • Charity Donations

To Retain

  • Panel Benefit Platform
  • Cashback Program

To Recruit

  • Referral Program
  • Panel Building

2.500+ gift cards worldwide including top local brands

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We are a provider of solutions that assist research agencies, panel companies, and data collection platforms in rewarding and retaining participants.


Our Purpose

To help our customers collect data by creating loyal research participants.

Our Mission

To provide research rewarding and retention solutions.

Our Vision

To empower an enthusiastic and valued community to deliver research insights through long-term engagement.

Meet our management team

Nick Stals

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Irapuan Bottosso

Chief Technology & Product Officer

Manon Niesten

Head of Sales

Ben Medina

Head of Global Marketing

Iulia Sisova

Global Strategic Partnerships Lead